Leasing Information

Everything you Need to Know

How To Apply


Each applicant aged 18 or older needs to complete an application. Please print neatly on both pages of the application, and make sure to sign on the second page. Incomplete applications cannot be processed. There is a $25 processing fee for each applicant.

Rental Guarantee Form

If applicant(s) have not established previous rental history (such as students moving away from university-affiliated housing or moving away from parents’ home), or their verifiable gross monthly income is not three times the amount of rent, then the attached Continuing Personal Guarantee of Rent and Performance of Lease Conditions form will need to be completed, signed by the cosigner, and turned in along with a copy of the cosigner’s ID. The ID required in order to verify the cosigner’s signature.

Once You’ve Been Approved

You will receive a Lease or Reservation to Rent

This document must be signed and turned in with the security deposit within a week after it is sent. Failure to complete these documents will result in a cancelled application.

Additional Pet Deposit

We are Cat and Dog Friendly (Conditional Pet Policy).

  • Dog Deposit: $400 (Only $200 for approved rescue dogs!)
  • Cat Deposit: $200 (Only $100 for approved rescue cats!)


Congratulations, you are now a Pomona West resident! Thank you for your interest in Pomona West!